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"Officer...! Officer!!"
A woman flagged down my vehicle, waving her arms and
running in front of my car. I slammed on the breaks, only centimeters away from
impact. With my heart pounding against my chest, I stepped out.
"M'am, that wasn't a very safe stunt you kn-"
Before I could even finish she had made her way to me and gripped my shoulders.
Her face was pale and terrified, some of her mascara seemed to had got ruined by
her tears.

"O-Officer, please, my boy! He hasn't come out for an hour now!" She yelled between
sobs, her head hanging low. I let out a sigh and looked down at the poor woman.
"Yes, yes, m'am, I know. You called and told us all of the details. Now please calm
down!"She released me, sniffling and whipping her nose with her long-sleeved Pirate
costume. She called the Police Station about ten minutes ago, telling me how her
fourteen-year-old son had gone into what he thought was a Haunted House maze, hearing
screams echoing through the walls.

She "wouldn't have been so worried" if it weren't for hearing her son's
crys and never seeing him come out.
"Probably just a prank. After all, it is Halloween. Now, so I don't have to keep
calling you "m'am"..." I let out a small laugh, "...what's your name?"
"Amber... A-Amber Keys." She replied quietly through hiccups.
Amber glanced back at an old rigid house about three stories high, only to look back
at me and started sobbing all over again.

"I'm guessing that's the house?" I asked, looking at the house myself.
She nodded, taking some tissues out of her hand purse and began wipping away her tears.
"Ms.Keys, I'll be right back with your son, don't you worry." I boasted proudly,
giving he a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Amber looked up at me, "B-But... is there
any more of you coming...?". "Nope. Like I said, it's probably just a prank." I said,
patting her shoulder once again and headed out to the old house.

"Just wait here Ms.Keys, I'll only be a minute."
I began walking towards the infamous home, stopping at it's gates. With one effortless
push the gates opened before me, making a load creaking noise. Looks like the lock had
been busted.

"W-Wait!" Amber called out to me. I turned back to her.
"What's your name?"
"Tracey. Tracey Earthbell." I called back to her, giving her a smile before walking
through the gates. Amber stood next to the metal fence, seeing me off.

The twin doors were already slightly opened, it take too much effort to get them open
neither. I slowly opened one of the doors, taking a look inside. What was once a
beautiful, welcoming home, is now torn and withered. Most of the rosey wallpaper had
been forcively torn off, the twin metal stairs are missing some steps, and the
ceiling's leaking.

I looked up at the dim lighting chandelier.
Looks like there's still electricity running though this house.
I looked down the corridors, they don't seem to be as lit as the main room, if at all.
Just as I was about to get a look down the corridors I heard a shrill outside.


"AMBER?" I called out, running back to the twin doors.
Before I could push my way through the doors they had slammed infront of me,
shutting soundly. Taken aback, I stepped back a bit. What the hell?
"Amber!" I called again, grabbing one of the doors' knobs, trying to open the doors.
They wouldn't budge an inch, but they weren't locked.

"Hang on Amber!" I yelled, trying to kick the doors in.
They still wouldn't budge.
I look out the windows. No luck, they were protected by metal bars.
I went to kick the doors in once more, this time getting a good running distance.

Before I could charge at the doors I heard a load crack above me.
Looking up I saw the chandelier falling above me.
I wanted to move out of the way, I wanted to at least yelp out in surprise, but my
body isn't won't move at all.
As I felt the hard metal, and the shattering light bulbs hit my face, my vision went


I woke up, hearing a loud scream echoing through the house. I shot up, looking around
I'm still in the house...
I looked up. The chandelier was back on the ceiling, untouched.
I felt my face, there were no cuts nor busies. Not even a piece of glass.
I stared back up at the chandelier, not believing what just happened.
As if on queue, the light bulbs on the chandelier shattered, leaving only darkness as I
heard the glass pieces fall around me.

Drawing my flashlight I heard the scream again. I pointed the flashlight at the source.
It was coming from upstairs.
"Hello?" I called out. My voice echoing softly.
I was only answered by another shrill, this time coming from the left corridor.
Not too long after that one, a male's scream was faintly heard... below me?
Maybe there's a basement around here...

I checked the twin doors again. Yep, still locked.
The screams rung through the house again, now a chorus. The screams were much more
painful and blood-curling. What should I do...?


- Go upstairs.

- Go down the left corridor.

- Go look for a way below the house.

- There's even more faint screaming coming from the top floor. Sounds a bit like Amber...

- There's also a door behind some of the rosy wallpaper...

- It's oddly quiet down the right corridor...

- ... I think I should try to find another way out and call for backup...
-Fixed most of the spelling errors.

Somewhat of a test, first time submitting a txt/html document... < A>;;

Alrighty, a bit later than I said I was going to submit it, butdammityoubetterbehappyIevenmadeit.

Now to say a few things to prevent a bit of confusion:

1.) Tracey is female. *hit by stray bullet*
2.) The whole "waking up from crazy shit and everything's fine" thing is going to happen a lot.
In fact, if you happen to die just pretend you woke up back at the main room [as in, go back here].
Because Rat's lazy.
3.) Some of the rooms are just plain out "put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye", meaningthere'snothingyou/Traceycandoexceptdealwithitandtryanotherroom.
4.) The rooms where you/Tracey actually SURVIVE give you hints for the grand finale, you'll know what that room is when you come to it. If you think you know the answer, send me a note and I will send you either your epic death or your epic escape.
5.) If you happen to find a you/your instead of a I/my, just ignore it. I was going to write it in 2nd-person but I didn't like it too much...

Alrighty, here are your choises:

[Not Done] - Go upstairs.

[Not Done] - Go down the left corridor.

[Not Done] - Go look for a way below the house.

[Not Done] - There's even more faint screaming coming from the top floor. Sounds a bit like Amber...

[Not Done] - There's also a door behind some of the rosy wallpaper...

[Not Done] - It's oldly quiet down the right corridor...

[Not Done] - ... I think I sould try to find another way out and call for backup...


:iconcryforeverplz: Im losing my touch...
Some advise would be appreciated, I don't write much at all.
Ideas are also welcome, just make sure you NOTE me them. We don't want to be giving away any spoilers away by commenting now do we? ;D

Cheesy title ; A;
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PoisonXLilly Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011

lolyouneverfinishedit. ahwell.
Rat101 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PoisonXLilly Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011

Iggy916 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
:D I really like it so far.
But...I'm a grammar nazi, so just make sure you use spell check next time. That's the only thing wrong with it!
Rat101 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :iconcryforeverplz:

And I'll make sure I get right to fixing those.
I was kind of rushing to make it ; A;
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